Parapsychology is the study of paranormal phenomena, also called psi phenomena, that elude the grasp of scientific explanation. It can also be seen as an attempt to explain all the extrasensory perceptions that can be found in human beings, like psychic reading, clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, astral travel, spiritism, psychometry… It has a wide field of study and also includes several other parapsychic and extrasensory disciplines mentioned on this blog. Some of these can be found in the psychic reading section.

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Scientific factions at war

Since the dawn of time, there has been a struggle between the adepts of the rational and those of the irrational: in other words, between adepts of extrasensory disciplines based on intuition and those of scientific disciplines based on reason.

This is an ongoing struggle that will live on indefinitely between those who want to explore their own parapsychic powers and those who want a rational explanation for everything and who have doubts about anything they cannot understand or reproduce.

What is psychic phenomena?

Any parapsychological, paranormal, or parapsychic manifestation that science cannot explain yet is also called psychic phenomenon. It is an action, reaction, or interaction between a human being – whether they already developed their parapsychological powers or not – and their human or natural environment from one of the three kingdoms (animal, vegetable, and mineral) but also with the forces that operate in the visible and invisible universe.

The visible forces that operate in the universe are planets, stars, natural elements, forces of nature… While the invisible forces at play in nature are higher beings, regardless of the name you are giving them: gods, goddesses, beings of light, saints, angels, archangels, genies, and spirits of all kinds, benevolent or evil (the latter often called demons, lower astral spirits, evil spirits, etc.).

The keyword is ‘interaction’

A paranormal phenomenon is thus usually the result of an interaction (action and/or reaction) between a living body (usually: a human) and the visible or invisible matter they come in contact with, voluntarily or not!

There are three types of parapsychological manifestations:

  1. A contact willed by human beings
  2. A contact willed by benevolent or evil spirits
  3. Unwilling contact happening through extraordinary circumstances, not looking to awaken any extrasensory perception.
  1. A contact willed by human beings

    The most common case is an effect that was sought voluntarily, like when a specialist channels extrasensory perceptions (psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, seers, telepaths…). This kind of parapsychological communication can also be triggered by scientists or researchers who want to study these phenomena. Parapsychic abilities can also be triggered by disoriented people who witness unexpected parapsychological manifestations like haunted houses or possessions (see next segment: contact willed by benevolent or evil spirits).This deliberate contact can also come from ordinary human beings trying to test one or more parapsychic abilities or supports that can help them manifest their own, like a Ouija board to contact spirits, a crystal ball, a deck of tarot cards, or even palmistry… You should beware and take a few precautions though if you are trying out a psychic discipline or want to develop a power.

    Know what you are doing

    It would be safer to undergo some training with a specialized group or association, or seek an expert in that psychic discipline for help and to avoid any potential problem. Triggering a psychic ability or extrasensory perception is a serious matter that can affect the psyche of people who have not been properly trained, or – even worse – who want to give it a try out of mere curiosity or for “fun”.
    There are countless cases of possession and psychic problems among the “curious” and amateurs who did not want to spend time in research and end up under the influence of various spirits. The most common example is when people use a Ouija board as some kind of party game! As a result, many people cannot manage to do not know how to dispel the spirits they have summoned or end up possessed by these!

  2. A contact willed by benevolent or evil spiritsSometimes you might not have wanted any contact of a paranormal nature, it might come from some spirit wanting to help… or harm you! For the latter, if you have no knowledge or training in the matter, it might be dangerous for your physical, psychological, or even spiritual health.

    Unwanted negative contact

    Let’s begin with an unwanted parapsychological unwilling contact, like in cases of possessions or paranormal manifestations with ill-intentioned, evil, or poltergeist spirits. It is never an accident: they come to you when they have detected a breach in your defenses and want to make the most of it.

    They might try to use your flaws against you, like avarice, greed, luxury, unfaithfulness, sexual urges… they might also capitalize on difficult circumstances for you: losing a loved one, breaking up with your significant other, losing your job, health problems, sexual frustration, lack of money… In the next few articles we will address how to protect yourself against these kinds of malicious attacks.

    Paranormal contact can be positive too!

    Fortunately, sometimes a higher being, a saint, or a positive spirit might make contact with you… sometimes without any solicitation from you, willingly or not.

    In such a situation that could be very positive and pleasant for you, you should simply let it make contact with you, directly, or by calling on a specialist for assistance (clairvoyant, medium, spirit-talker, seer…) and following their instructions.

  3. Unwilling contact happening through extraordinary circumstances, not looking to awaken any extrasensory perception.Finally, something might happen while you are not particularly trying to develop parapsychic gifts or any other parapsychological ability. You might experience a trigger of an extrasensory power, or make contact with a higher being, a saint, a spiritual guide (living or dead), an ascended spiritual master (a human being that climbed the rank fast after their death, or that became a higher being through the good deeds they performed as they were alive). Angel and archangels also fit this category.And so, you might spontaneously develop an extrasensory ability, without any apparent cause. This is what happened to many experts in the occult disciplines (psychics, mediums, seers, telepaths, astral travels…) most notably when you were a child.

    It can happen through contact

    Sometimes, a parapsychic ability might develop after some occult, magical, or spiritual practice… or following a strong emotion you have unexpectedly experienced, like a great joy, some spiritual experience, or tragic circumstances like an accident, a death, or a breakup…

    And so, some people have seen the development of some extrasensory abilities being triggered, or met some extraordinary being come to save them, like a guardian angel, just as they were about to die in a car, train, or plane crash…

Which side are you on? Parapsychology or science?

The side of the scientists is split in two, between those who seemingly deny the existence of any extrasensory ability, and those who accept to lead tests and studies to explain them. Adepts in parapsychology and people able to use extrasensory perceptions usually don’t need any scientific proof, because there are more than enough testimonials and proof about the existence of extrasensory, psychic, parapsychic, and parapsychological abilities… Specialists and practitioners in extrasensory disciplines do not need any proof either because they practice them, sometimes on a daily basis, with more than enough concrete proof about their efficiency.

This blog will present a certain number of parapsychological abilities and extrasensory disciplines. You can then make up your mind and decide whether or not you believe that they exist, or even if you want to discover and practice your own personal parapsychological gifts.

Every human being has a gift

We all have extrasensory abilities. People who have awakened them, willingly or spontaneously, are not supermen or superwomen, and they do not consider themselves as such! Especially when they made it their main source of income, like psychics, mediums, telepaths, spiritism adepts, astral travelers, people who can use telekinesis, psychometry, or geobiology… They are human beings like any other, but they had a chance to spontaneously awaken their parapsychological gifts or do it through some kind of initiation.

If you take a good look at them, most notably on their picture or if you consult one of them online, they do not seem that much different from you, appearance-wise, except those who rely on theatrics to convince others to place their trust in them, or surrounding themselves with so called holy items that might be quite weird. Just beware those whose persuasion skills are greater than their parapsychological skills!

Tips to select a proper expert

Even if several authentic parapsychologists live or consult in personalized environments depending on their discipline – most notably using the supports they might need – you might not be able to guess their function when you cross them on the street, or notice whether or not they have special abilities.

The main difference between you and them is that they awakened their parapsychological gifts and are using them to do good around them, while you have not discovered or practiced your own yet. Maybe this regular presentation of the many powers and sectors that exist in parapsychology will help you find and recognize them.

The first step must be yours

You can them make a decision to discover your own parapsychic abilities through training and/or following the teachings of a specialist in one or the other, or even more than one, and then follow one of these paths to discover your own personal gifts.

You can also use them yourself to make your dreams come true and walk toward the life of your dreams, or help your fellow human beings to do so. The decision is yours, with respect to your conscience! Even if you have awakened your parapsychological powers, if you have ongoing unsolved problems you might still call on some parapsychological specialist that masters extrasensory abilities that you don’t have.

A few precautions when you practice parapsychology

Likewise, it is important to know how to master and control your parapsychological powers like astral travel, psychokinesis, levitation, remote influence, telepathy… before you want to use them. To that end, you imperatively need to try and trigger your own parapsychological abilities to do Good and never to harm others, abuse them, or make psychological slaves out of them, just to spite them.

Indeed, in parapsychology, like in any other domain in life, you can find the law of causality, also called the laws of causes and consequences, that eastern traditions called karma.

According to the law of causes and consequences, the reaction to your action will be of the same nature as the action itself. In other words, if you trigger negative events, even if some might provide some results, one day or another you will have to pay the price and experience negative events like various problems, delays, breakups, or losing some of your loved ones. This backlash might also happen through other people or events that are apparently not connected to your initial bad decision;

Good things call for other good deeds

Conversely, if you radiate positive thoughts, if you never say bad things about anyone, if you keep spreading positivity… you will harvest the fruits of positive consequences extremely favorable for you. Many positive causes and consequences in a row are often called “luck”, while “bad luck” can happen after a bad challenge.

This law of causality also applies in any domain related to parapsychological abilities. It also applies to the domain of parapsychological abilities that must also follow the rules of causes and consequences ruling the visible and invisible worlds.

In short: it is honorable and quite beneficent for you to try any psychological ability in every area of your life, both material and spiritual. However, you should only use it to do good, never lightly or just for fun, when you walk on this path.

Parapsychology: a large territory to discover

Thanks to this section dedicated to parapsychology, you will discover a broad range of paranormal abilities, usually of an occult or spiritual nature that lets your express your personal extrasensory abilities. Read these various articles at your leisure, so you can assimilate some concepts that might be surprising, or even unbelievable. You should adopt a scientific process in any case: do not reject parapsychology or paranormal practices as a whole even when they seem impossible.

Get some information about these domains, read testimonials if you want, train yourself and discover everything on your own or with the help of a mentor, you will discover your extraordinary perceptions.
Practices dealing with psychic reading have been mentioned in the “psychic reading” blog. If you want more details about some of these psychic reading practices (telepathy, mentalism, channeling), refer to this part.

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