If you are a fan of Harry Potter books, you must have heard about arithmancy. But did you know that it is real? This ancient divination practice goes way back to the time of Babylon and involves using vibrations of numbers to make predictions. It is not the same as numerology, though, and we will soon explain why. Would you like to know more about arithmancy and how it can be applied to your life? Read on to find out.

What is arithmancy?

Arithmancy is the divination practice that involves numbers. The word itself has Greek origins and translates as “number” and “divination.” It is based on a belief that names, numbers, and their connection to the world all have meaning and purpose and can reveal both the present and the future. In this method, various techniques are used to predict a person’s future by using the energy vibrations of numbers. Even the letters of a person’s name can uncover a lot in arithmancy after assigning a number to each letter.

How the reader chooses to interpret predictions based on numbers is up to him or her, but there are also formal trends and charts that exist to guide through the practice. So, because arithmancy relies on mathematics, this practice is more precise compared to interpreting dreams or visions. You might be wondering how arithmancy differs from numerology. Well, in fact, the latter is a part of arithmancy that has been used by many ancient civilizations in order to predict future events or outcomes.

How does arithmancy work?

Arithmancy assigns a number to each letter of the alphabet, from 1 to 9, and the numbers repeat after the first round. For example, letters A, J, and S all equal one, while letters E, N, and W equal 5, and so on. To see how it works, let’s look at the reading of the name “John.”

J – 1
O – 6
H – 8
N – 5

After you have assigned a number to every letter, you can now either add all numbers at once until you get a single digit:


Alternatively, you can also add each number to the next one and repeat the process until you get a single digit again:

1+6=7; 6+8=14; 8+5=13
7+14=21; 14+13=27

As you can see, a different method gives a different result. In the first case, John’s life path relates to number 2, while in the second case, number 3.

Both methods are good to use, so if you want to practice arithmancy, you can choose either or work with both. Applying these techniques to analyze your name, or your last name or the name of someone close to you is a good way to practice and uncover information about the life path of your own or that of another person. To do that, you need to know first what each number, from 1 to 9, means in arithmancy.

The meanings of numbers

Being able to come to a single digit through calculations is the first step of the process. The second step is interpretation. Learn the meanings of numbers from 1 to 9 in arithmancy.

1 – Leadership

Number one has a lot to do with individuality, leadership, and a strong personality. People whose life path’s number is one are typically ambitious and determined, focused on their goals and not afraid to take a step forward when necessary. However, they might also come across as headstrong and self-centered.

2 – Balance

Number two is all about the two opposites coming together, night and dark, blue and white, good and bad, and so on. People with this number in arithmancy are creative and well-mannered, committed and loyal, but they also might become withdrawn and self-conscious.

3 – Completeness

Just as the past, present, and future come together to form a person’s life, so does number three stand for the idea of completeness and wholeness. This is the number of creative and imaginative people who love communicating with others. At the same time, they might become superficial and easily offended.

4 – Security

Number four represents stability, security, and firmness. People with this number in their life path are very hard-working, practical, and down-to-earth. They rely on logic and reasoning in their everyday decisions. However, they can also be stubborn and aggressive at times.

5 – Adventure

If arithmancy shows you number five, that means you cannot stand routine. This number is all about change, unpredictability, and breaking social conventions. You are willing to take risks and rely on your intuition. However, you can be impatient and pretentious.

6 – Love

Since six is a number of love, it stands for family life and romantic relationships. People with this number in their life path are loyal to their friends, partners, and family members, and they always put people close to them first. They might be unsuccessful in business ventures or too complacent.

7 – Spirituality

People with number seven in their life path have a quick intuition. They are perceptive and imaginative, a joy to work and socialize with. At times, they can be pessimistic or depressive, but after these times pass, they go back to being their normal cheerful selves.

8 – Ambition

Eight is the number of ambition and successful pursuits. If arithmancy reveals this number to you, this means you are very hard-working and pursue your goals tirelessly. Such people make good business owners. However, they can also become greedy and too focused on their career.

9 – Wisdom

Number nine stands for wisdom. If this is your number, then your friends and family members might often ask for your advice or help with something. These people are intuitive and intellectual, but they also can be arrogant if things do not go as planned.

Now that you know more about arithmancy and the meaning of numbers, it is time to test it out! Try practicing on your own name and the names of your friends and see what the numbers can tell you about your personality and destiny. For an insightful reading, turn to an experienced psychic who can reveal what numbers have in store for you and the people close to you.

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